Monday, October 24, 2011

Day 2 DroidconUK London

My personal Best Of day 2 at DroidconUK 2011.

Android Gaming
CodeSurgeon: Mustafa Isik

    Designing UIs for Phones and Tablets
    Nick Butcher Google
    • Honeycomb visual design -> simple and focus on content, consider to change presentation of content for tablets
    • Tablet UI patterns
      • Action Bar: Navigation elements left Action elements right
    • MultiPane Layouts
      • use Fragments
    • Stretch, Stack, Expand/Collapse, Show/Hide
    • Back & Up functions
    • Beyond Lists
      • CarouselView 3D and ViewPager 2D

    Android Design Patterns 
    Closertag: Giorgio Venturi

    Giorgio Venturi will talk about how Android apps have been heavily criticised in the past due to poor user experience. One of the reasons why this happened is lack of solid & consistent UI patterns. For example, how do you navigate between the different sections of the app? How do you provide visual and aural feedback avoiding interrupting the user? How do you allow background usage? The goal of this session is to look at some of the emerging best practices on the Android Market and analyse recent advancements in fluid navigation, interaction and progressive disclosure of information.

    Closing keynote : Android Market for Developers 
    Google: Richard Hyndmann

    Android Market is undergoing continuous revisions to improve the experience for developers and end-users. This talk covers recent developments, and goes into depth on techniques for using Android Market to leverage new monetization models, deliver optimized content, minimize piracy, and maximize application visibility.

    Predictions Sure To Go Wrong! - Droidcon UK 2011
    Mark Murphy

    Application Development using the hidden Android platform APIs 
    Erik Hellmann, Sony Ericsson
    • public, hidden, protected APIs
    • look for "@hide" in Android source
    • read text messages,
    • Tethering, need to be signed/certified developer,, setWifiApEnabled, only SonyEricsson
    • injecting TouchEvents by Reflection
    • Api protected by Signature permission
    • Hidden USB
    • Code examples soon at sony developer Blog

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