Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Metaio working on windshield projection

Metaio just released a video of one of their current projects in cooperation with Audi, Continental and other partners. The idea is to create a system that is able to analyse and understand the environment around a car and provide the with useful information a projection onto the windshield.

Eleven partners from the German automotive industry join forces to explore innovative technologies and concepts for boosting energy efficiency in vehicles. Firstly, cars are to become "intelligent" and, for example, use knowledge of the planned route to develop proactive operating strategies designed to save energy and, based on this, initiate appropriate responses in good time on the part of the car or driver. Secondly, the vehicle power supply and associated components are to be specifically tailored to the possibilities of these intelligent operating strategies. The project is supported by the German Federal Ministry of Research and Technology (BMBF) and supervised by the VDI TZ.

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