Monday, August 1, 2011

Qualcomm AR SDK for iOS (IPhone & IPad)

Hi there,

just got my hands on the new Qualcomm AR SDK for IPhone and IPad, which you can download here. I tested the plugin Unity3D 3.4 and it works as smooth and easy as the earlier released Android SDK . There is also an SDK for XCode available, but I didn't test it yet. It's just so much easier to do some initial prototyping with Unity.

On a first glance it is very much the same as the Android SDK. There is the ARCamera object and the image targets. So if you familiar with the Android release you could probably port your project very fast to iOS. Which is great news.

An initial test (image right) using the standard Teapot example with two markers runs perfectly on IPad2. I did not measure the framerate for the moment, but I think it is far from touching the IPad2 resource capacities.

To get started Download the QCAR Unity plugin for Unity3D (you need the most recent Unity3d 3.4!). Unzip, install the included app and it will extract multiple Unity package files among you will find QCAR-ImageTargets.unitypackage. Load (just double click) this package into Unity3d and choose the delivered test scene. It contains two targets, each visualizing a classic Teapot. Deploy for iOS. Unity3D will create now the corresponding XCode project, which you can compile in XCode and deploy on your IPhone or IPad.

Have fun

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