Monday, August 1, 2011

SIGGRAPH Emerging Technologies Lab

Hi there,

its SIGGRAPH time. This year in wonderful Vancouver. Unfortunately I cannot be there, but there are some great new technologies to gaze at, to test and to touch. So if you are there, enjoy and share your experiences with us! Or at least with me.

A venue, often overseen at SIGGRAPH, is the Emerging Technologies Lab (short ETech). Although it is probably the most spectacular place at the conference, where you can see the most recent emerging interactive and graphics technologies. This can be new interfaces, (3D) displays, input devices, robotics, sensors, etc... Unfortunately, there is no augmented reality demo this year. Watch the video preview below to get an idea about ETech.

In the following I would like to shed some light on several selected projects, that seems to be particularly interesting.

Toucheo - The Immersive Multitouch Workspace 
"We propose a new system that efficiently combines direct multitouch interaction and 3D stereoscopic visualization. In our approach, users interact by way of simple 2D gestures on a monoscopic touchscreen, while visualizing occlusion-free 3D stereoscopic objects floating above the surface at an optically correct distance."

ISCAN3D and IFACE3D: 3D Scanners on iPhone by Digiteyezer
"The first 3D scanner that works on an iPhone and cloud computing architecture, thus offering ease of use and oustanding ROI"

Surround Haptics: Sending Shivers Down Your Spine
"Surround Haptics is a new tactile technology that allows generation of high-resolution, continuous, moving tactile sensations anywhere on the human body."
Touch Interface on Back of the Hand
"This new computer-human interface uses the back of the hand for inputting data."

"This floating avatar system integrates a blimp with a virtual avatar to create a unique system of telepresence. The blimp avatar contains several pieces of equipment, including a projector and a speaker as the output functions."
True 3D Display
"This research team was the first to use laser-plasma technology for a true-3D display device that allows users to draw 3D images in midair [..]. Now the team has developed a much more compact and precise display [..], based on advanced laser technology. One remarkable feature of the new device is its enhanced resolution: from 300 points per second to 50,000 points per second. It displays 3D objects more faithfully in real time and increases the range of possible applications."

Hope you enjoyed this small survey and if you are in Vancouver don't miss ETech.

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