Saturday, August 13, 2011

Remixing Reality - Mozillas WebGL Augmented Reality Demo Rocks

Remixing Reality is a WebGL Demo by by ILMARIHEI published at Mozilla Labs that uses, as far as I can tell, Flashs Flartoolkit to create an amazing AR experience inside a website.

[Update] Remixing Reality is indeed a mobile AR application. Try it with Firefox beta on Android! [/Update]

Flash with Flartoolkit allows you to integrate a prerecorded video presenting special markers. Flartoolkit computes then 3D positions of these 2D markers inside the video. These information are used by WebGL to render a 3D object or animation at the markers 3D position. Or in between two markers, in case of the jumping basketball animation.

In the next step they should get rid of Flash and Flartoolkit, so that no plugins are needed anymore to render the website. But this will take again a lot of time until some kind of augmented reality web standard will be established and most of all implemented.

Actually, I'm not 100% sure if they use Flartoolkit, but if you disable Flash the demo doesn't work anymore. So they use Flash at least to render the video. I suppose the tracking is done with Flartoolkit.

I just borrowed their demo ;). But only because I think its so totally cool and well, because it's so easy. If you like the demo, you should go to the Mozilla Developer site and share it on FB and Twitter with your friends. Switch to Chrome or Firefox if you cannot see a jumping basketball between two moving sheets of papers.

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