Friday, August 12, 2011

Unity Track Day at GDC Europe in Cologne

As part of European Game Developer Conference (GDC) in Cologne Germany, Unity3D will present a full day tutorial known as Unity Track Day. The different talks will give details about cross platform games, performance optimization and better social integration. Registration is already closed, but tickets are still available on site. More information here.

Here is the detailed program.

Hand’s demonstration on making cross platform games with Unity, Part 1Time: 9:30am – 10:20amSpeaker: Carl CallewaertA hands-on demonstration of the development of a multiplatform game starting with prototyping the game to the final version running on Android, iOS, the web, Facebook and as a standalone app. The steps include but are not limited to: programming, art assets import and updating, particles, GUI, AI and building for multiplatform deployment.
Hand’s demonstration on making cross platform games with Unity: Part 2Time: 10:50am – 11:40amSpeaker: Carl Callewaert
Performance optimization tips and tricks for UnityTime: 12:40pm – 1:30pmSpeaker: Jonas EchterhoffThis session will demonstrate optimization techniques on a sample Unity project, show how to use the Unity profiler to find performance bottlenecks, and will show some common pitfalls to avoid for optimal performance in Unity projects.

Shader Authoring in UnityTime: 2:00pm –   2:50pmSpeaker: Shawn WhiteIt’s difficult to make a game today without writing at least one shader. Whether you’re indie, mainstream, or somewhere in the middle, having the ability to write your own shaders will give you what you need to make your game POP! Unity provides a suite of built-in shaders to get you started, but in this talk we’ll get you up to speed on what you need to know about writing your very own shaders in Unity.

Being Social: How Games Can Leverage Facebook on the Road to SuccessTime: 3:20pm –   4:10pmSpeaker: Tom HigginsThe explosive growth of social networking is changing the ways in which people of every type interact with each other in some incredible ways. That’s easy to say but it takes a bit more effort to properly understand. What are those changes? Are they limited to those creating browser-based content or do they extend to the desktop and mobile apps as well? And most importantly, how can you and your team take advantage of them in your games? This presentation will discuss some of the most prominent questions facing developers targeting social networking sites and describe how developers can put that information to use right away. The discussion will focus on Facebook and the Unity game engine in particular as they offer developers unique opportunities for success. But in the end the strategies that will be shared can easily be applied anywhere, regardless of what social networking site or game engine is being used. Developers of all types can attend this session and learn how to incorporate social networking features into their own efforts, from the early design phases all the way through to release, giving themselves a much greater chance of success.

Using and publishing content and extensions on the Unity Asset StoreTime: 4:40pm –   5:30pmSpeaker: Tom HigginsThis session will start with an introduction to the Asset Store, showing what is available and demonstrate how to search for and use content in your own projects. After that he will go through how to submit your own content and extensions to the store, how it should be formatted and go through common mistakes to avoid and other hints for speeding up the submission process.

Distribution with UnionTime: 5:40pm –   6:30pmSpeaker: Brian BruningThere’s never been a better time to be a game developer.  Huge audiences are now reachable without the aid of publishers or retail outlets.  But what are the odds of getting noticed out there today in the new digital landscape?  What tactics are most effective?  What should you be doing to get noticed and find customers?

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