Friday, September 9, 2011

Fast mobile shaders or rather Mobile! Fast!

I post the slides of what seams to be a great talk about 3D rendering on mobile devices (with Unity3D) by Aras Pranckevičius (@aras_p) and Renaldas Zioma (@__ReJ__) Unity Technologies.

The presentation is kind of general in the beginning focusing on the global differences and challenges between the "new" mobile and "classic" desktop rendering environments. Later they go in detail with actual techniques you can or should use to improve your rendering with Unity3D on a mobile device.

The presentation is quite extensive and all slides contain comments, which give a lot of details.

To give one example, MipMaps are your friends, even better with anisotropic filtering for cryspiness and use texture compression if your device support it. Moreover you can filter the Android market for texture compression support, which allows you to optimize your app for devices with different compression systems. If you want to!

How can the CPU be used to improve quality and speed of your 3D without draining the battery and how Unity3D does it.

Have fun!

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